Sunday, June 10

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Try and Get Me! (aka The Sound of Fury)

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Double Feature with SHAKEDOWN

(1950) dir Cy Endfield w/Frank Lovejoy, Lloyd Bridges, Kathleen Ryan, Richard Carlson [91 min; 35mm]
The true story of a shocking 1934 kidnapping and murder provided the inspiration for one of the most compelling—and unjustly neglected—masterpieces of film noir. Ex-GI Howard Tyler (Lovejoy), struggling to support his family, meets flashy hoodlum Jerry Slocum (Bridges), who eases the gullible vet into a life of crime. One of the last U.S. films by blacklisted writer/director Cy Endfield, TRY AND GET ME (originally released as The Sound of Fury) was restored by the Film Noir Foundation so future generations might recognize its status as one of the great and prescient films of its era. Film Noir Foundation restored 35mm print courtesy of the UCLA Film & TV Archive

“One of the most emotionally devastating film noirs you will have ever seen.” – Eddie Muller, Film Noir Foundation

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Sunday 6/10
at 7:30 PM

*Tickets are “double feature only” and include admission for both films.

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