Sunday, July 22

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The Green Fog

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Premiere Engagement!

Friday, July 20 – Sunday, July 22

Double Feature with VERTIGO

(2017) dir Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson [63 min; DCP]
THE GREEN FOG, created by filmmaker/cultural iconoclast Guy Maddin (with co-directors Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson plus composer Jacob Garchik and Kronos Quartet), pays homage to Hitchcock’s spellbinding VERTIGO in a most unusual way. Inventive and invigorating, this “San Francisco Fantasia” is lauded by the New York Times as “a marvel of film scholarship.” It’s also a lot of fun. Maddin, working with his Forbidden Room collaborators, set himself the challenge to remake VERTIGO without using any of Hitchcock‘s footage, creating instead a “parallel-universe version.” Using Bay Area footage from a variety of sources – studio classics, ‘50s noir, experimental films, and ‘70s prime-time TV – and employing his mastery of assemblage, Maddin arrives at a surreal, hilarious, and mind-bending tribute to both the classic thriller and the city of San Francisco.

Staff Pick: Jessie, Kim

“Eerie, witty, and unexpectedly moving.” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“The work of a sensibility as impish as it is scholarly, animated by a mischievous sense of the medium’s possibilities.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“First and foremost, ‘The Green Fog’ is a marvel of film scholarship that looks backward and forward from the Hitchcock masterpiece.” – Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times

“The Green Fog fairly closely follows the structure of Hitchcock’s film; achieving that in itself is some sort of accomplishment. However, it’s not so much an assemblage as it is a conjuring.” – Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice


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Friday 7/20
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