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Cold Water

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Premiere Reissue!

Friday, August 3 – Sunday, August 5

(1994) dir Olivier Assayas w/ Virginie Ledoyen, Cyprien Fouquet, László Szabó [92 min; DCP]
An acclaimed early work by Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria, Irma Vep) that has long remained unavailable, the deeply felt coming-of-age drama COLD WATER at long last makes its way to U.S. theaters. Drawing from his own youthful experiences, Assayas revisits the outskirts of Paris in the early 1970s, telling the story of teenage lovers Gilles (Fouquet) and Christine (Ledoyen), whose open rebellion against family and society threatens to tear them apart. With a rock soundtrack that vividly evokes the period and provides the backdrop for one of the most memorable party sequences ever committed to film, COLD WATER is a heartbreaking immersion into the emotional tumult of adolescence.

Staff Pick: Kim, Jessie

“A fiery tale… bracing… it’s so fresh it could have been made now.” – J. Hoberman, The New York Times

“What strikes you by the end of “Cold Water” is just how fast it moves, how swiftly our time spent with these characters simply slips away.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“Cold Water can finally be recognized as a singular masterpiece on the most familiar of themes, the sufferings and misfortunes of youthful passion.” – Geoffrey O’Brien, The New York Review of Books


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