Staff Picks for the September–October Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with a list of faves and must-sees from the Brattle staff! Get ready for our fall schedule by checking out the complete list, after the jump…

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Kim Baillargeon is the Brattle’s Operations Manager.


  • GRRL HAUS CINEMA – a well curated program of shorts of which I am proud to be an alum.
  • The double feature of BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY and THE SEVENTH SEAL. BOGUS JOURNEY is a surreal film with robots, aliens, and a trip to hell. Watching THE SEVENTH SEAL later in life made the scene where the grim reaper loses at board games exponentially funnier. Also Pam Grier rules.

Erica Hill is part of our theatre staff.


  • Triplets of Belleville: It’s cute and has some fun creative music bits.
  • Amélie: It’s beautiful and I have never seen another romance like it, which makes it awesome. Also, fun fact, that café is an actual café in Montmartre, it’s affordable, not overcrowded with tourists and serves the best food I have ever had (and that is, travelling in France). And I enjoy that it all happens within a very tiny, recognizable region of Paris, so it’s really easy to pinpoint and understand the movie’s world.
  • Hidden Figures: That scene where all the women computers storm off to work the computer is the most epic thing ever. Also, Janelle Monáe is in it.

Jo Troll is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


  • Mon. Hulot’s Holiday, an all time favorite, I first saw it at the Brattle and in my opinion Jacques Tati is one of the giants of visual comedy alongside Keaton, Chaplin, etc. Holiday is such a sweet funny gem of a film.
  • The Lady From Shanghai – a classic in our Rita Hayward series with Orson Welles and a supporting cast that won’t let you down………
  • To support my SciFi jones and to enjoy science run amuck, The Matrix and Blade Runner and of course…
  • How can you really know how good a film is? Maybe by watching some of the painfully worst? Trash Night…. The camaraderie of watching a trashy film and discussing it loudly and humorously while the film is running – priceless, what fun……
  • I’m going over my allotment but have to mention: Run Lola Run, with a great soundtrack and a What-if? storyline; Amelie, a sweet interesting tale of romance; and The Triplets of Belleville. Couldn’t get those three out of my head for days….There is so much more to mention on our new schedule, explore and you won’t be disapointed…

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Jessie Schanzle is the Brattle’s associate director.


  • WANDA – SO excited to see this woman-directed rarity on screen in its restoration
  • MADELINE’S MADELINE – I love Molly Parker, and try to see everything that comes to the States with her.
  • THE NIGHT IS SHORT, WALK ON GIRL – This is one of my favorite anime directors, beside wonderful Miyazaki. I am so excited for a new film by him!

Ivy Moylan is the Brattle’s executive director.


Alissa Darsa is the Brattle’s development associate.


  • TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. – Willem Dafoe is a madman.
  • MYSTERY TRAIN – Fun performances and a great soundtrack. I once thought it would be a good idea to watch this with my mom and brother. Only I forgot there was a (long) love scene, and the DVD player dropped the subtitles. It was a little awkward.
  • SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT – I’ve always wanted to see it and somehow never have.
  • WANDA – a sad poem of a film, with a similarity to Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy.
  • I was bummed to see Stranger Things season 3 bumped into 2019, but the Strange Frequencies series will fill the gap, for a little while at least. Looking forward to POLTERGEIST, KAIRO (omg), and Peter Bebergal’s presentation on technology and the occult.

Brandon Constant is the Brattle’s marketing manager.


  • PERSONA – been on my list for years, and I finally saw two months ago – an exploration of loneliness.
  • PARIS, TEXAS – been on my list for years, and I finally saw at the Brattle last year – a punch in the tearducts, eventually.
  • THE AMERICAN FRIEND – saw this year, and enjoyed – an interesting piece of trivia lives in this one, but watch the film first.
  • DOWN BY LAW – saw long ago back in my pre-fossil days – fun – I think the Italian man who played a postman in another film was in this one. Oh and Tom Waits (the gravel voiced pirate).
  • MYSTERY TRAIN – Japanese couple fights over Elvis versus Cole Porter on their trip in the U.S. Was it Cole Porter? I forget.
  • GRRL HAUS – films by ladies from many walks of life – good stuff – go.
  • THE SEVENTH SEAL – saw in a film class centuries ago – BILL AND TED’S BOGUS ADVENTURE only makes sense if you watch this first. Jk?
  • PRINCE OF DARKNESS – John Carpenter is one of the most consistent directors ever, and often scored his own films, so see him show his many talents in this weird and oddly funny horror.
  • THE CABIN IN THE WOODS – more fun than scary – so fun it’s scary.

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