Saturday, September 8

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The American Friend

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Double Feature with PARIS, TEXAS (1:00, 6:30)

(1977) dir Wim Wenders w/Bruno Ganz, Dennis Hopper, Lisa Kreuzer, Nicholas Ray, Sam Fuller [126 min; DCP]
A supposedly dying man (Ganz) meets a dangerous American (Hopper) and becomes involved in gangland murder – all to try and provide for his wife and kid once he has passed on. This depiction of Patricia Highsmith’s eternal anti-hero Tom Ripley (played here by Hopper) makes elegant use of self-reference to Hollywood history and the stunning photography of Robby Müller.

Staff Pick: Greg, Cardinal – saw this year, and enjoyed – an interesting piece of trivia lives in this one, but watch the film first.

“By refusing to explain Ripley, this gets closer to Highsmith’s character than any other film version.” – Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

“Like ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘The American Friend’ was a new sort of movie-movie — sleekly brooding, voluptuously alienated and saturated with cinephilia.” – J. Hoberman, New York Times


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Saturday 9/8
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