Wednesday, September 12

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Mystery Train

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Double Feature with WHEN PIGS FLY (7:30)

(1989) dir Jim Jarmusch w/Masatoshi Nagase, Yûki Kudô, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Cinqué Lee, Nicoletta Braschi, Elizabeth Bracco, Joe Strummer, Rick Aviles, Steve Buscemi, Tom Waits [110 min; 35mm]
MYSTERY TRAIN follows three different stories of one night in Memphis, Tennessee – all haunted, literally or figuratively, by the spirit of Elvis Presley and all unknowingly intersecting at the same rundown hotel overseen by legendary R&B weirdo Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and bellboy Cinqué Lee.

Staff Pick: Greg, Brandon, Cardinal
Brandon – Mystery Train has fun performances and a great soundtrack. I once thought it would be a good idea to watch this with my mom and brother. Only I forgot there was a (long) love scene, and the DVD player dropped the subtitles. It was a little awkward.
Cardinal – Japanese couple fights over Elvis versus Cole Porter on their trip in the U.S. Was it Cole Porter? I forget.

“The best thing about ‘Mystery Train’ is that it takes you to an America you feel you ought to be able to find for yourself, if you only knew where to look.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“There’s something sad and sweet, fragile and strong, about “Mystery Train,” luminous as pearl, dark and deep as night… The film is a comic poem of American alienation from someone who can hate its meanness, love its soul and laugh at its clownishness.” – Michael Wilmington, Los Angeles Times

“‘Mystery Train’ insinuates itself into the memory and lingers on.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


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