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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

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Boston Premiere!

(2017) dir Mouly Surya w/ Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Egi Fedly, Yoga Pratama, Rita Matu Mona, VayuUnru, Anggun Priambodo, Safira Ahmad [93 min; DCP]

MARLINA THE MURDER IN FOUR ACTS is a feminist Spaghetti western from Indonesia – complete with soaring guitar score and strange, surreal touches. After surviving an encounter with a band of rapist thieves, Marlina (Timothy) leaves her remote home on a mission to confess to her crimes. She travels on foot, by bus, and, fittingly, by horse as she carries the severed head of her rapist with her in a sack.

The film is gruesome, funny, and beautiful, deftly navigated through the shifting tones by filmmaker Mouly Surya. It is a revelation and the perfect example of the kinds of wonderful surprises we will see as more and more diverse voices are able to contribute to the film industry.

“At once tightly controlled and simmering with righteous fury, [MARLINA] is gorgeously lensed, atmospherically scored and moves inexorably toward a gratifying payoff… A revenge fantasy rooted in Indonesia’s gender conditions, complex regional culture and the stark beauty of its landscapes… At the age of 36, Indonesian director-writer Mouly Surya has made the first Satay Western.” – Maggie Lee, Variety


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Saturday 9/29
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