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(1944) dir Alf Sjöberg w/Stig Järrel, Alf Kjellin, Mai Zetterling, Olof Winnerstrand; screenwriter Ingmar Bergman [101 min; DCP]
Bergman’s first filmed screenplay involves a student who is tormented by his Latin teacher, nicknamed Caligula, and finds solace with a troubled woman whom he meets on the street one night. Though he knows that the woman is tormented by another, older man, the student could never guess that it is Caligula himself – until tragedy strikes.

Boston premiere at the Brattle in November, 1957

“Emotionally haunting.” – Caryn James, New York Times

“A relentlessly cruel study in sadomasochistic relationships, structured as a bleak, sordid thriller.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out

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Thursday 10/4
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