Friday, October 5

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Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

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Double Feature with tonight’s 7:15 screening of THE SEVENTH SEAL

(1991) dir Peter Hewitt w/Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, William Sadler, Joss Ackland, Pam Grier, George Carlin [93 min; 35mm]
It’s one thing for a classic art house film to be parodied – they are, after all, considered by many to be subtitled snooze-fests – but it’s another thing entirely for that parody to take the form of a loving homage in a major-market comedy sequel. Such is the case with BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY.

Screens with
(1968) dir George Coe, Anthony Lover w/Pamela Burrell, George Coe, Sid Davis, Madeline Kahn [15 min; 16mm]
One of the earliest parodies of Bergman comes in the form of this subtly hilarious short that often screened alongside Bergman’s films. It’s recreation of the Swedish master is so complete that audiences frequently didn’t realize that it was a fake until they caught on to the ridiculous mock-Scandinavian language being spoken.

Staff Pick: Erica, Cardinal
Erica – BOGUS JOURNEY is a surreal film with robots, aliens, and a trip to hell. Watching THE SEVENTH SEAL later in life made the scene where the grim reaper loses at board games exponentially funnier. Also Pam Grier rules.
Cardinal – watch THE SEVENTH SEAL first. Jk?


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