Tuesday, October 9

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Double Feature with THIRST (5:00, 8:45)

(1949) dir Ingmar Bergman w/Doris Svedlund, Birger Malmsten, Eva Henning, Hasse Ekman, Stig Olin [78 min; DCP]
This rarely-screened early provocation from Bergman features a descent into torment as a filmmaker contemplates the idea that the Devil has made Earth his Hell. When the filmmaker voices this thought at a dinner, the story seems to take root in the life of an author and the prostitute that he loves yet cannot help but torture – both emotionally and physically.

Boston premiere at the Brattle in May, 1964

Staff Pick: Greg

“If you thought a simple game of Death and chess was a trippy mind shag, then Prison’s film-within-a-film is the Mulholland Drive of Bergman’s repertoire.” – Shaun Davis, Eye for Film

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Tuesday 10/9
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