Tuesday, October 9

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Double Feature with PRISON (7:00)

(1949) dir Ingmar Bergman w/Eva Henning, Birger Malmsten, Birgit Tengroth, Hasse Ekman, Mimi Nelson [84 min; DCP]
Made right after the dissolution of Bergman’s own second marriage, THIRST is an often-dazzling tirade against the institution of matrimony. The principal couple, Bertil (Malmsten) and Ruth (Henning), travel home by train to Sweden from Switzerland, at each other’s throats the whole way. Meanwhile, in Stockholm, Bertil’s former lover, Viola (Tengroth, who also wrote the stories on which the film is based), tries to evade the predatory advances of her psychiatrist, and then of a ballet dancer who was once a friend of Ruth’s. This dark and multilayered drama, sustained by biting dialogue, reveals Bergman’s profound understanding of the female psyche.

U.S. premiere at the Brattle in March, 1958

“It’s full of intimations of films to come, especially those about marriage after the initial excitement of sexual love has given way to boredom, followed by fear that this is all there is.” – Vincent Canby, New York Times

“Intricately structured and technically accomplished, Thirst is an often dazzling examination of people burdened by the past and united in isolation.” – Criterion Collection

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Tuesday 10/9
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