Saturday, October 13

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Guests: Head of Boston Ballet School Men’s Program Peter Stark, Boston Ballet soloist Patric Palkens

Moderator: Loren King, film critic & Globe Correspondent

Director: Scott Gormley
Producer: Scott Gormley
Year: 2018
Length: 71 minutes

DANSEUR shares the struggles of men in pursuit of their ballet dreams. Sexism is built into the fabric of classical ballet, an art form that has idolized women in pointe shoes and tutus while relegating men to the role of partners. Director Scott Gormley explores the difficult subjects of bullying and homophobia that those men face while illustrating the athleticism as well as vitality of ballet, through performance, creation, preservation and education. Featuring stories from James Whiteside (American Ballet Theatre), John Lam (Boston Ballet), Harper Watters (The Houston Ballet), Derek Dunn (Boston Ballet), and Peter Stark (Boston Ballet).