Saturday, October 13

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Guest: Co-Director Cynthia Wade

Moderator: Loren King, Film Critic & Globe Correspondent

Directors: Cynthia Wade, Sasha Friedlander
Producers: Tracie Holder, Matthew Syrett
Year: 2018
Length: 80 minutes

In 2006, international drilling company Lapindo unleashed an unstoppable toxic mudflow into East Java, burying dozens of nearby villages and displacing 60,000 Indonesians. Directors Cynthia Wade (Academy Award® winner for FREEHELD) and Sasha Friedlander focus the tragedy around 16-year-old Dian, a survivor routinely ignored by her government, despite the unforgiving sludge continuing to engulf her home for over a decade. Chronicling the teenager’s transformation as she becomes an outspoken advocate for her community, GRIT is a timely showcase of the urgent need for political activism and the perseverance of the human spirit amidst social and environmental strife.

“Shot with poetic grandeur and stirring political heft.” – POV magazine