Tuesday, October 23

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Prince of Darkness

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Double Feature with REC (5:30, 9:30)

(1987) dir John Carpenter w/Donald Pleasence, Jameson Parker, Victor Wong, Lisa Blount, Alice Cooper [102 min; DCP]
John Carpenter’s bizarre and frightening vision of a world threatened by the rebirth of Satan features Victor Wong as a quantum physicist called in to investigate a mysterious cylinder discovered in the basement of a Los Angeles church. Could it be a container for the Devil himself? And what about the strange dreams that seem to be messages from the future?

Staff Pick: Cardinal – John Carpenter is one of the most consistent directors ever, and often scored his own films, so see him show his many talents in this weird and oddly funny horror.

“It’s highly effective nightmare fodder, with a bonus side of skin-crawling repulsion.” – Cheryl Eddy, io9.com

“It’s deeply strange, awash in good ideas and filled with scene chewing performances from the likes of Donald Pleasence that still today seem more iconic than silly.” – W. Scott Poole, PopMatters

Brattle Film Notes: “This Is Not a Dream: The Apocalypse of John Carpenter’s ‘Prince of Darkness,'” by Justin LaLiberty


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