Thursday, November 15

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Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story

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Etgar Keret’s surrealist short stories are read and loved around the world. So, when two young Dutch filmmakers set out to make a film about Keret, they decided to emulate his surrealist style. Through animations of his stories, reenactments of his anecdotes, and interviews with family and friends (including author Jonathan Safran Foer and NPR host Ira Glass), this unique documentary brings to light one of the most renowned Israeli writers of our time.

Both screenings followed by a conversation with director Stephane Kaas

Sponsored by the Israeli American Council

Director(s): Stephane Kaas
Country: Netherlands, France, Israel, United States
Year: 2017
Language: English and Hebrew
Running Time: 70 min
Type of Film: Documentary
Premiere Status: Massachusetts
Sponsored By: Israeli American Council