Saturday, March 30

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Up and Coming

Up-And-Coming filmmakers is an understatement because these filmmakers are here to stay. Come see what the youngest and brightest directors have brought to the big screen this year from all over the world and what they will be bringing for years to come.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Jewish Film Festival


Directed by Etemar Kadusheviz • 14 m
Daniel, a gay right wing extremist, goes on a violent journey on the way to meet his lover. He goes from a political protest to a dark sex club and ends up in a fight at the local store. Finally, he will arrive in his lover’s arms.


Directed by Marie Davignon • 19 m
In the early 2000s, following her return from a long stay abroad, Amélie invites her friends Maude and Pascale to a cottage. In a disturbing and isolated forest, Amélie tries to reconnect with her friend Maude, while the rivalry between her and Pascale takes a dark turn.

The Curse

Directed by Dave Berenato • 8 m
An eager young man goes to a Halloween party for a hookup, when a witch’s curse convinces him that he wants something more.

Like Glass

Directed by Andrew K. Meyer • 20 m
Zion has recently discovered the world of drag queens and club kids – they get decked out in elaborate looks and go to NYC’s most exciting nightlife venues to drink, dance, and celebrate life. This is paradise for these performers and personas, but when the morning comes, Zion lives an entirely different life – working temp office jobs, and living with their very heteronormative boyfriend, Luke. Luke views this avant-garde side of Zion’s life as a reckless extracurricular activity.


Directed by Benjamin Howard • 10 m
In the early sixties, a sexually conflicted teenager finds faith and acceptance after escaping the tortures of electrotherapeutic conversion therapy.

Talent Night at Auschwitz: Bunk 5

Directed by Max Rifkind-Barron • 16 m
A 14-year-old boy escapes from modern and historical traumas to a glittering, musical dreamworld.


Directed by Jay Russell • 13 m
Best friends Alex & Bryan have a bitter fight entirely via text message after one of them sleeps with the other one’s crush. But, just as things seem to settle, an unexpected development may lead to yet another rift.

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