Friday, May 24

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A Very Curious Girl

50th Anniversary

New Restoration!

1969 • dir Nelly Kaplan w/Bernadette Lafont, Georges Géret, Henri Czarniak, Claire Maurier, Julien Guiomar, Jean Parédès • 107 min • DCP

Largely unknown today, Nelly Kaplan emigrated from Argentina to France in the 1950s and made her mark in journalism, surrealist fiction, film theory and criticism, and documentary filmmaking before going on to write and direct her own fiction films. Kaplan’s features probe sexual power dynamics and confront the hypocrisies of France’s prevailing social order with a ferocious but playful touch. She remains a defiant artist who still feels ahead of her time.

A VERY CURIOUS GIRL, Kaplan’s breakthrough film, engages in dark and surreal humor and showcases Bernadette Lafont as Marie, a suddenly orphaned young woman who learns to use her village’s hypocrisy to her own advantage – sexually and otherwise.
– adapted from notes for the Quad Cinema

Staff Pick: Dave

“Remains amazingly fresh after 50 years.”
– J. Hoberman, The New York Times

“The story of a modern-day witch who is not burned by inquisitors; it is she who burns them.”
– Nelly Kaplan

“Insolence raised to the status of art… the same atmosphere as in the best films of Luis Buñuel.”
– Pablo Picasso

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