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Under the Silver Lake


Friday, July 5 – Thursday, July 11

2018 • dir David Robert Mitchell w/Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, Topher Grace, Grace Van Patten, Patrick Fischler, David Yow • 139 min • DCP

David Robert Mitchell’s follow up to the phenomenally popular It Follows comes in the form of this stoner conspiracy-theory pseudo-noir. Andrew Garfield stars as Sam, an L.A. slacker who spends most of his time getting high and spying on his neighbors. One day, he meets the beautiful Sarah (Keough) and experiences what he thinks is a deep connection but, things start to get weird when Sarah suddenly disappears. Hidden messages begin to reveal themselves and Sam becomes entangled in the conspiracy-laden underbelly of Los Angeles – a hidden demi-monde only open to the rich and beautiful where hipster bands hide codes in their songs, paranoid zine authors hold the secrets of the world, and hidden messages are found in cereal boxes. As Sam approaches the answers he seeks, it becomes clear that he holds some dark truths of his own.

Mitchell’s deliberately convoluted and ambitious film has polarized audiences and critics alike. It’s the kind of swing-for-the-fences work that many filmmakers are drawn to after having a breakout like It Follows (see Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, et. al.). It’s challenging to find a meaning behind all of the ideas flying around – but that seems to be the point. UNDER THE SILVER LAKE is both an homage to ‘sunshine noirs’ like The Long Goodbye and a parody of navel-gazing conspiracy theorists. Something more serious lurks under the surface of this seemingly off-the-wall film and – if we follow the signs – we may ultimately come to some unsavory conclusions about our hero… or maybe we’ll just become stuck on trying to figure out what the hell that damn parrot is saying.

Staff Pick:
Dave: “Could it be as much fun as the trailer leads us to believe? We’ll see…”
Moussou: “I’m with Dave. This one seems like it could be a “love it or hate it” movie, which are always entertaining no matter which reaction you have.”

“An intoxicating freaked out parody of the self-involved lunacy of L.A.”
– Chris Hunneysett, Daily Mirror (UK)

“Seen David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive? Director David Robert Mitchell has. His gorgeously shot Lynchian-Hitchcockian homage is a millennial neo-noir set in the Hollywood hills.”
– Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro (UK)

“Bravo to David Robert Mitchell for having the guts to make this mad mongrel of a movie.”
– David Jenkins, Little White Lies

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