Friday, July 12

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Too Late to Die Young


Fri, July 12 – Wed, July 17

2018 • dir Dominga Sotomayor w/Demian Hernández, Antar Machado, Magdalena Tótoro • 110 min • DCP

This elegiac coming-of-age film is based on writer/director Dominga Sotomayor’s own experiences as a child growing up in the post-Pinochet Chile of the early ‘90s. Set in a bohemian community living largely without electricity and with limited water, this gorgeously shot, sun-bleached work follows the lives, loves, and losses of three young people in the dreamy summer days leading up to a big New Year’s Eve party.

16-year-old Sofia (Hernández) is chafing at the constraints of her age – she smokes, drinks, and pines for an older guy with a motorbike. She also longs for the approval of her absent mother – a famous singer in the big city. Lucas (Machado), also 16, has grown up alongside her and they share the bond of being almost-siblings. Lucas has clearly developed feelings for Sofia but it’s unclear whether she shares them. Clara (Tótoro), the 10-year-old leader of the pre-teen set in the community, is also on the cusp of change. She sticks out as being not quite a kid but also nowhere near a teen. Though she remarks at one point that she’s only too young “on the outside,” we also see her childlike attachment to the family dog.

This stunningly confident third feature film confirms Sotomayor as a significant filmmaking talent. Her young leads shine amongst the dust and dryness of the arid Chilean foothills. In particular, Demian Hernández as Sofia has an undeniable presence that shows the dichotomy of a teenager trying to find her footing in an uncertain world. In this case, a world marred by both the recent ouster of a legendarily brutal dictator and more personal issues of divorce and sexual awakening.

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“Sotomayor approaches her characters and their problems with subtlety and tact, and is more interested in reading their glances and gestures than in putting words in their mouths.”
– A.O. Scott, New York Times

“‘Too Late to Die Young’ doesn’t pretend to show us everything, which makes it all the more remarkable just how much it sees.”
– Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“An intimate, human-focused film with broad allegorical potential.”
– David Jenkins, Little White Lies

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