Summer Match $5,000 Stretch Goal

Big thanks to the nearly 150 members and donors who have joined together to support our Summer Match fundraising challenge so far! A member of our board was so impressed with the response that they have pledged a stretch goal of $5,000 for the final days of the campaign. So if you have been intending to make a donation or become a member, now is the perfect time. Please take a moment to donate or become a Brattle member today and help us raise every penny of this fundraising challenge. Thank you!

Dear Brattle Friends,

You guys continue to humble and amaze us with your outpouring of support!

Thanks to you, we have now raised more than $35,000 from over 400 individual donors!

Thank you for helping to keep our staff paid and The Brattle alive during this scary time.

I hope that you are all feeling healthy.

As we remain closed, our preliminary goal is to raise four weeks of operating support, or $65,000, to ensure we can continue to pay all of our staff, and other overhead through April 7. As things develop, our timeline for being closed and fundraising goal may change, but our ultimate goal of re-opening The Brattle stays firm.

With your help, this goal will become a reality.

Stay healthy,

Ivy, Ned & The Brattle Theatre Team

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