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Friday, August 23 – Sunday, August 25

2018 • dir Tilman Singer w/Luana Velis, Johannes Benecke, Jan Bluthardt, Lilli Lorenz, Julia Riedler, Nadja Stübiger • 70 min • DCP

In this John-Carpenter-inspired, über-stylish German horror film, a young cab driver named Luz (Velis) shows up late one night at a police station bloody and bruised. The story she has to tell is unbelievable – and once the possessed psychiatrist shows up, it gets even weirder. What’s one to do when their creepy-ex/stalker is a disembodied demonic force?

Winner of the Jury Award for Best Horror Feature at Fantastic Fest 2018

“Luz is a tight, sharp little shocker that works well on its own terms and suggests that Singer is a filmmaker to watch.”
– Maitland McDonagh, AFWJ Women on Film

“Tilman Singer’s surreally experimental take on demonic possession is as baffling as it is beautiful.”
– Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times

“Luz, the debut feature from German filmmaker Tilman Singer, is minimalistic, and somewhat devoid of narrative context. But it has a spare, mysterious vibe that keeps the viewer guessing.”
– Peg Aloi, The Arts Fuse

“Packed with striking imagery, it’s the sort of film adventurous viewers live for: unapologetically weird and utterly fearless.”
– Katie Rife, AV Club

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Friday 8/23
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