Saturday, October 19

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Midsommar Director’s Cut

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Director’s Cut & Poster Release!

2019 • dir Ari Aster w/Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter • 171 min • DCP

Ari Aster’s follow up to the acclaimed horror hit Hereditary, follows a group of anthropology students on a trip to a remote Swedish village where they are set to witness an annual celebratory ritual. But, of course, nothing is really as it seems and the group is in way over their heads. The audience knows that this is going to end badly but not knowing exactly how helps to build an incredible tension that is released in equal measure by moments of shocking terror and surprising humor. Much like he did with the satanic cult narrative in Hereditary, Aster brings themes of familial tragedy and the lasting effects of grief into a folk horror story in the tradition of the original Wicker Man to startling result.

Tonight’s screening will be accompanied by the launch of a new exclusive poster for MIDSOMMAR designed by Boston/Swedish artist CAROLINE STJARNBORG. Two lucky patrons will win a hand-crafted, super-exclusive metallic version of the poster artwork.

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Saturday 10/19
at 9:15 PM

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