Tuesday, October 29

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Elements of Cinema: The Tingler



1959 • dir William Castle w/Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman • 82 min • 35mm

The Coolidge’s master of midnight mayhem, Mark Anastasio, joins us for this special Halloween edition of Elements of Cinema with this ‘shocking’ Vincent Price classic. In THE TINGLER, Price plays a scientist studying the existence of ‘the tingler’ – a super-creepy insect-looking parasite that attaches itself to our spines and, in moments of fear, causes us to convulse and, potentially, die. We’ll discuss the showmanship of classic horror cinema – perfectly encapsulated by producer/director William Castle’s gimmick for THE TINGLER in which the cinema seats were wired to zap the audience at key moments in the film.

Staff Pick! Kim, Casey, Dave
Dave: “Gotta see Vincent Price in The Tingler, remember to scream y’all!”

Guest Speaker:

Mark E. Anastasio

Program Manager & Director of Special Programming, Coolidge Corner Theatre

A lifelong cinephile, Mark landed in Boston and immediately fell in love with the Coolidge Corner Theatre during a midnite screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo. His mind was blown, and he knew he had to do anything within his power to keep the Coolidge weird. Wielding his completely unsafe knowledge of genre films, he was appointed to the position of Program Manager. Mark’s many duties at the theatre include: programming, promoting, and pulling off the Coolidge After Midnite film series, curating the Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon, and co-programming the Coolidge’s various repertory signature film series’.

Elements of Cinema

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