Saturday, November 9

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Dolce Fine Giornata



Maria Linde, a Jewish-Polish Nobel Prize winner, lives a bohemian, free-spirited life in her Tuscan villa. A loving mother and grandmother, she also fosters a secret flirtation with a much younger Egyptian man. After a terrorist attack in Rome, Maria refuses to share her neighbors’ hysterical fear and anti-immigrant sentiments. Instead she very publicly decries Europe’s eroding democracy but she is not prepared for the consequences of her attitude and comments.

Director(s): Jacek Borcuch
Country: Poland
Year: 2018
Language: Italian, Polish, French
Running Time: 96 min
Type of Film: Fiction
Premiere Status: Boston Premiere
Topic: Drama, Immigration, Israeli/Palestinian Relations, Refugee, Women

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Saturday 11/9
at 9:15 PM

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