Tuesday, November 12

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Cinema in Context: WarGames

Cinema in Context

This screening will be introduced by J. Hoberman. His new book, Make My Day: Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan, will be available for purchase.

1983 • dir John Badham w/Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, Dabney Coleman, John Wood • 114 min • 35mm

“The movie that most fascinated Reagan, however, was WarGames… The premise suggested a Spielbergian remake of Dr. Strangelove: a high school computer whiz (twenty-year-old Matthew Broderick) hacks into the North American Defense Command, mistaking one of its programs, Global Thermonuclear War, for a sophisticated computer game. The fate of the world is in his hands, along with his accomplice (twenty-one-year-old Ally Sheedy).” – J. Hoberman, Make My Day: Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan




CINEMA IN CONTEXT is a new periodic program at the Brattle Theatre that explores the ways in which films can be used to examine topics in the social sciences — and also serve as historical documents that play a large part in our understanding of culture, society, and history.

Each screening will be preceded by a presentation from a scholar or expert, with the aim of deepening our understanding of the film and addressing how it reflects popular ideas or issues in their chosen field. Select screenings will also be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

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Tuesday 11/12
at 7:00 PM

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