Monday, December 30

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Eighth Grade


2018 • dir Bo Burnham w/Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton • 93 min • DCP

Again, not necessarily a film for kids of all ages but one that captures a pivotal moment in anyone’s life – the transition from child to teenager – perfectly. As Kayla (Fisher) navigates the social minefield of junior high and her single dad (Hamilton) struggles to keep a grip on what is going on with his daughter, a thoughtful, poignant, and touching story develops.

“Lives spent looking at devices and screens is a reality for most of us, for better or worse; Eighth Grade is notable because it consciously avoids serving up a familiar media brew of technophobia and misogyny.”
– Jordan Searles, Bitch Media

“Poignantly funny, wrenchingly wise and meltingly beautiful, ‘Eighth Grade’ is a not-so-small miracle of independent filmmaking.”
– Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

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Monday 12/30
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