Tuesday, January 28

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Elements of Cinema – The Day the Earth Stood Still



1951 • Robert Wise w/Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray • 92 min • DCP

To help kick off our 2020 “Year of Science Fiction” we’ve invited Lesley University’s head of film studies, Matthew Nash, to join us for this special screening of, arguably, one of the best sci-fi films of all time. At the very least, this landmark 1951 film helped usher in the Golden Age of 1950s alien visitation films – alongside Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Man from Planet X and Howard Hawks’ The Thing from Another World both also premiering that year. A mysterious saucer descends upon Cold War Era Washington, DC. A menacing robot emerges accompanied by a humanoid ambassador from space who offers mankind a warning and an opportunity – but will the nations of the world listen while poised at each other’s throats?

Guest Speaker:

Matthew Nash

Professor and Chair of Film at Lesley University

Matthew Nash grew up reading horror comics and watching late night sci-fi movies. He married another movie addict and has spent a lot of his life with his feet stuck to the floor, immersed in dreams on the silver screen. In 2013 he released his award-winning documentary “16 Photographs At Ohrdruf” about the American soldiers who discovered the Holocaust, and followed up with two sci-fi shorts that premiered at festivals in NYC. His thriller “Walk Away” was recently completed for release in 2020. He spends his days helping young filmmakers create amazing works for the screen as a full Professor and Chair of Film at Lesley University.

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