Wednesday, January 29

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1924 • dir Marcel L’Herbier w/Georgette Leblanc, Jacque Catelain, Philippe Hériat • 122 min • DCP

Another extravagantly designed sci-fi film, L’INHUMAINE is the story of a legendary and apparently heartless opera diva who is the toast of Paris and the object of many men’s devotion. One of her admirers is a young scientist with a fantastical laboratory (designed by the great modern painter Fernand Léger) where experiments involving life and death are carried out.

“On leaving the theatre, one has the impression of having witnessed the birth of a new art.”
– Adolf Loos

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1924 • dir René Clair • 35 min • Digital

A mad scientist freezes all of the residents of Paris in their tracks with an invisible ray in one of the first films by the great French director René Clair (I Married a Witch).

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Wednesday 1/29
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