Saturday, February 8

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Boston Israeli Film Festival: Golden Voices

Massachusetts Premiere

Director(s): Evgeny Ruman
Country: Israel
Year: 2019
Language: Hebrew, Russian
Running Time: 88 min
Type of Film: Fiction

The newest film by Evgeny Ruman (Igor and the Cranes’ Journey, The Damned) follows Raya and Victor Frenkel, who were the leading Soviet dubbers of Western movies. After the Soviet Union’s collapse, they, like hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews, decide to immigrate to Israel. Despite discovering there is no market for Russian-language dubbers in Israel, the couple still attempts to use their talents—leading them into some bizarre and unexpected scenarios and turning the beginning of this new chapter, in this new land, into an amusing, absurd, and sometimes painful experience.

Followed by a pre-recorded Skype interview with Director Evgeny Ruman.

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Saturday 2/8
at 9:30 PM

All Boston Israeli Film Festival tickets are $16 each. Online ticketing closes at midnight the day of the screening. Tickets are not available at the Boston Jewish Film Office. Tickets will only be available at the Brattle on the day of show, if not already sold out. Visit the Boston Israeli Film Festival website for additional information. Brattle passes not accepted.