Saturday, February 8

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Boston Israeli Film Festival: I Was Not Born a Mistake

Massachusetts Premiere

Director(s): Rachel Rusinek and Eyal Ben Moshe
Country: Israel
Year: 2019
Language: English, Hebrew
Running Time: 52 min
Type of Film: Documentary

Yiscah Smith was living as an ultra-Orthodox married man with six children and deep ties in the community before coming out as a gay man and leaving Israel. Only once she was back in the US, did Yiscah come out as trans and take her current name. It took twenty years for her to return to Israel, where she became a religious educator and spiritual mentor. The film reveals her incredible journey to self-acceptance, compassion, and, finally, to her home in Israel.

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Saturday 2/8
at 7:30 PM

All Boston Israeli Film Festival tickets are $16 each. Online ticketing closes at midnight the day of the screening. Tickets are not available at the Boston Jewish Film Office. Tickets will only be available at the Brattle on the day of show, if not already sold out. Visit the Boston Israeli Film Festival website for additional information. Brattle passes not accepted.