An Update on The Brattle’s Response to COVID-19

We are committed to your safety, as well as that of our staff, but also know that many of your are thankful to have a place to come to escape the anxiety we are all experiencing, even if just for a couple of hours.

Beginning today, March 13, we will be capping attendance at all Brattle events to a maximum of 120 attendees (approx. 50% capacity) to allow for adequate social distancing, as recommended by the CDC and other health organizations, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

And to remind you, the other measures we have already taken:

  • 1. We are cleaning all high-traffic areas at the beginning of the day and between every screening, with a special focus on anything stainless steel or plastic
  • 2. Our staff and volunteers are instructed to stay home if they feel sick or have had contact with anyone known to have COVID-19
  • 3. We also ask that you NOT come to The Brattle if you aren’t feeling well
    We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and make further restrictions as necessary.