How to Advocate for The Brattle

Dear Brattle Friends,

We know that this is a financially scary time for a lot of us. Even if you aren’t in a place where you feel comfortable making a donation, there are other ways that you can support The Brattle that are free!

1. Please advocate for The Brattle and other arts nonprofits. Contact your state reps, and if you are a Cambridge resident, the city council.

Small businesses and arts nonprofits are some of the last businesses to be remembered in a crisis, and the ones least likely to bounce back. Please urge your representatives to ensure that there is relief for these fragile organizations.

We have crafted a general letter that you can use to email your reps. Feel free to personalize it to make it even more impactful.
Click here for the letter and information on how to use it.

2. Sign up for AmazonSmile and a portion of the money you spend on Amazon will be automatically donated to The Brattle. It’s totally free.

3. Do you work for a larger business? Find out if they offer: A) employer matches for donations or B) make donations to community organizations. Please reach out to them to ask that they support The Brattle at this time.

We will continue to be in touch with ways that you can help and some fun virtual programming that will hopefully keep you inspired and engaged during this isolation period.

Stay healthy,

Ivy, Ned & The Brattle Theatre Team