We Stand in Solidarity

As many of you may know, we announced this past Monday that we would be pausing all Brattle programming until today to stand in solidarity with protesters and allow more space for the amplification of voices directly affected by police brutality and institutional racism in our country.

The Brattle is committed to continuing the work of dismantling a white supremacist power structure and mindset that has dominated the US (and large parts of the world) for entirely too long. Institutional racism is insidious and does not just obviously exist in government organizations and with their enforcers, but also in places that we hold dear — film production, distribution, and exhibition.

We are keenly aware that the decisions behind which films get made, by whom, where they are shown, and to whom are almost always made by, or heavily influenced by, straight white men. We have seen a shift begin over the past few years to giving a greater voice to more diverse gatekeepers and tastemakers, but change has not been large enough or fast enough.

As a small, non-profit film organization, The Brattle cannot make massive change on our own, but we pledge to increase opportunities for diverse voices to use our platform and to share our experience with others.

We stand in solidarity with those protesting during this important moment in the fight for justice and equality. It is up to all of us to make change. It is hard work. It is painful work. But the results will mean a better life for all of us.