Announcing The Brattlite


The Brattle Film Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a new virtual programming initiative that we are calling THE BRATTLITE. Lead by the team behind The Brattle’s acclaimed repertory film program, THE BRATTLITE will recreate The Brattle’s programming formula of mixing together old favorites, new discoveries, and deep dives into cinema’s forgotten treasures in your home. On our virtual platform you will be able to find not only weekly film premieres but also “The Brattle Selects”, a new program which includes curated series, screenings, and periodic Special Events.

“The Brattle Selects” program will feature classic film titles and overlooked gems that are not in regular rotation within the current Virtual Cinema programs offered by other art house cinemas and festivals across the country. Many of these titles are not currently available for streaming or rent on any online platform making them “Internet Exclusives” for The Brattle’s audience.

“The Brattle Selects” officially launches on Friday, January 15 with a quartet of films by the great Italian filmmaking icon Federico Fellini who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2020. Though in-person centennial tributes were largely unable to happen thanks to the pandemic, Fellini’s legacy lives on and we are thrilled to offer a new 4K restoration of his late-period feature Intervista from Janus Films to anchor this collection. Alongside Intervista, THE BRATTLITE will feature Internet Exclusive runs for two of his early underrated gems – Il Bidone and Variety Lights – and his 1960 masterpiece La Dolce Vita.

January 22 brings a special focus on one of the 20th century’s most important film artists, the Senegalese director and novelist Ousemane Sembène, when Janus Film’s new 4K restoration of his second feature Mandabi is added to our “Virtual Screening Room.” To complement that release, “The Brattle Selects” will offer an Internet Exclusive run of his stunning debut film Black Girl.

Special Events on THE BRATTLITE will seek to bring some of The Brattle’s signature special in-person screenings online with filmmaker discussions, expert presentations, and exclusive premiere screenings. More details about Special Events will be announced soon.

Also being brought under THE BRATTLITE’s umbrella, The Brattle’s Virtual Screening Room will continue to offer a curated selection of new films being made available from independent distributors and filmmakers.

THE BRATTLITE will use the Eventive Virtual platform to offer these online film screenings making them available on computer screens as well as on TV’s and home projectors that use AppleTV and Roku devices. Discounted Ticket Packs for THE BRATTLITE’s programs are available and provide access to both Brattle Selects and Virtual Screening Room titles. THE BRATTLITE can be accessed directly at or through our website at