2008 Donor Spotlight

Elsa Dorfman
portrait photographer
member since 1996
(with husband Harvey Silverglate)

favorite movies: Strong stories—no murder, no guns, no car crashes, no explosions, no fires. If I have to, I can watch a whole movie through the sleeve of my coat...I am a real scaredy-cat and always have been when it comes to movies.

favorite seat: First floor, aisle seat towards the back. My husband and I dedicated it to my friend David Brudnoy.

favorite concessions: I try to stay away—I adore movie popcorn, alas.

“The Brattle is one of those precious movie theaters that make a town. It is like asking; why, by the way do you, love him??? How to answer??? I consider the Brattle one of the most, if not THE most, precious place in Harvard Square and I bow to the folks who help it exist.” — Elsa Dorfman

Brian Paik
flash developer
member since 2003
watch-a-thon participant 2006–'08

favorite genres: noir, sci-fi, horror, western, anime, animation, and action—particularly martial arts and good Hong Kong

favorite directors: Sam Raimi, Wong Kar Wai (w/ Christopher Doyle), John Woo, Bong Joon Ho, Edgar Wright, Sergio Leone, Akira Kurasawa, Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Toro, the Coen Brothers, Caro and Jeunet

favorite seat: Back row of the Balcony

favorite concession: Bucket o’ popcorn and a lemonade. The Salty Pwetzel chocolate bar is a sweet change-up!

“There’s ALWAYS something interesting playing. The programming is eclectic, educational and always entertaining. Elements of Cinema and Eye Opener programs are incredible opportunities to see and preview engaging films and think about, and learn to think about, what you experience when the lights go down and the film is rolling.” — Brian Paik

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