Interns and Volunteers

The Brattle Film Foundation depends on its interns and volunteers for help with all aspects of the organization, from helping to write grant proposals to tearing tickets in the theatre. Each semester presents new challenges suited to those studying in diverse areas, from non-profit arts management to documentary photography and beyond! Our interns and volunteers assist Brattle staff on a daily basis, and in return receive valuable academic credit and hands-on experience.

Each semester's fresh faces become next year's old friends as our interns go on to further study or careers in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York... but they are always welcome to say hello when they're back in town. Become part of a talented and enthusiastic group of people working to make the Brattle Theatre one of the best non-profit cinemas in the country.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions are generally available on a rolling basis. Use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with information about your interests and availability.

Theatre Ushers/Concessions Assistants

The Brattle welcomes volunteers for usher and concessions assistant positions. Minimum commitment is one night weekly for two months. Plus you can stick around to watch the film!

Street Team

Earn free passes at the Brattle as you work with other volunteers hanging posters in cafes and on university campuses, or passing out flyers in Harvard Square! Join the Brattle Street Team group on Facebook, or get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.


The Brattle can use your help to prepare engaging essays for our upcoming features and repertory film series. The Brattle Theatre Film Notes blog features dozens of essays written by film students, aficionados, and critics, and provides an opportunity for our audience to connect with the films we play on a deeper level. Please provide a link to online writing samples when filling out the form below.

Intern Positions

Internships for the current semester are generally filled in advance, but please feel free to contact us for consideration at a future date. Use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with information about your interests and availability.


Design for flyers, T-shirts, website, or other areas as skills allow. Be prepared to submit samples of previous projects for review or include a link to your online portfolio.


Work closely with the executive director to conduct research on grant opportunities, write proposals, track submissions and replies, and more!


Assist in documenting events at the Brattle, including visits by special guests, film introductions, and panel discussions. Please include a link to online portfolios or other work samples.


Conduct marketing efforts related to Brattle programs, including grassroots marketing, press communications, flyer distribution, online social networks, and press releases.

Events, Event Sponsorship & Underwriting

Assist staff with logistical and other matters for special events at the Brattle, conduct online research on partnership and underwriting opportunities, act as liaison with sponsoring organizations, and more!

Contact Us

Please provide us with your contact information and describe your area of interest and specific qualifications.

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