Hot Fuzztival!

Repertory Series
March 16 - 29, 2007

Series IllustrationWe at the Brattle were big fans of the hilarious horror/comedy SHAUN OF THE DEAD and so we are particularly excited about being involved in the release of the new film by its creators, HOT FUZZ. Just as SHAUN was not so much a spoof of zombie films as it was a loving homage to the genre, HOT FUZZ uses the platform of the "super cop" genre as a jumping off point to create a brilliant action/comedy. The films in this series are the seeds from which HOT FUZZ was grown. Hand picked by writer-director Edgar Wright and actor Simon Pegg, these films range from the gripping, gritty 70s streets (THE FRENCH CONNECTION, DIRTY HARRY) to the supercool, ultraviolent Hong Kong high-rises (HARDBOILED, INFERNAL AFFAIRS). Along the way we stop off for some rarely screened cop-genre gems including ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE, DEAD & BURIED (a mash-up of small town sheriffs and zombies!), and the insanely entertaining THE SUPER COPS (according to Wright and Pegg - the direct antecedent to HOT FUZZ). Of course, the apex of this whole event is a special preview screening of HOT FUZZ with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg in person on Sunday, March 25.

Please see below for complete line-up and schedule for this series. The only way to get tickets to the preview screening of HOT FUZZ is to attend a screening during the HOT FUZZTIVAL.

Film Descriptions, Dates & Showtimes:

Fri 3/16 at 7:15 • Sat 3/17 at 2:30, 7:15

Double Feature w/DIRTY HARRY
(1971) dir William Friedkin w/Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Roy Scheider, Tony Lo Bianco [104 min]

Simply one of the best flat-out police thrillers of all time. THE FRENCH CONNECTION was shot on location in the mean streets of 70s New York City as it follows the efforts of an elite team of police lead by "Popeye" Doyle (Hackman) to take out an international drug smuggling ring. It almost goes without saying that the highlight of the film (and one of the highlights of all cop films) is the over-the-top chase between Doyle in a car on the streets of Brooklyn and his prey in an elevated train above.

Fri 3/16 at 5:00, 9:30 • Sat 3/17 at 5:00, 9:30

(1971) dir Don Siegel w/Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Reni Santoni, John Vernon [102 min]

"Are you feelin' lucky, punk?" Before he turned into a cartoon-ish action hero in the 80s, Clint Eastwood's indelible "Dirty" Harry Callahan character was a cop over the edge in a San Francisco overridden with crime. Faced with the prospect of a crazed rooftop sniper released on a technicality and threatening to kill even more of the city's residents, Callahan sets out to take him out - by any means necessary.

Sun 3/18 at 3:30, 7:45, 10:00

Please Note: 3:30 screening cancelled - we regret any inconvenience.
(1987) dir Richard Donner w/Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitch Ryan [110 min]

The epitome of 80s cop-buddy movies (and there are so many to choose from!), LETHAL WEAPON features a young and hunky Mel Gibson as an out-of-control cop with a death wish whose superiors saddle him with older, crustier Danny Glover in the hope that it will tone him down. The sharp, inspired script by Shane Black and the obvious chemistry between Gibson and Glover make this an exceptionally entertaining film.

Mon 3/19 at 5:00, 7:30, 10:00 • Tue 3/20 at 5:30

(1992) dir John Woo w/Yun-Fat Chow, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Teresa Mo, Philip Chan [126 min]

"Hard to beat. To this day, and by some measure, HARD BOILED remains the benchmark for relentless, thrilling, visceral action. Still the most action packed 2 hours of celluloid in cinematic history. John Woo hits a delirious high in his Cantonese career with a fistful of amazing set pieces that put other directors whole careers to shame. From the white-knuckle teahouse opener to the relentless hospital closer, the film has more showstoppers than an MGM musical." - HOT FUZZ director Edgar Wright

Wed 3/21 at 5:30, 7:30, 9:30

(1974) dir Gordon Parks w/Ron Leibman, David Selby, Sheila Frazier, Pat Hingle [90 min]

"Little seen and hugely underrated, this serio-comic crime caper was Gordon Parks' follow up his two hugely successful Shaft films. Based on the true life exploits of NYPD officers David Greenberg and Robert Hantz, dubbed ‘Batman and Robin' by reporters, the film falls somewhere between the corruption scandal of Serpico and the absurdist humour of Catch 22.

[The film] features a hilarious performance by Ron Leibman; a fantastic actor who something of a minor cult icon thanks to parts in this, The Hot Rock, Slaughterhouse Five and more recently Garden State. If you've only seen Leibman as Rachel's Dad in "Friends," then catch him cleaning up Manhattan and kicking a whole lot of ass. The cult of Ron Leibman starts here!" - Edgar Wright

Sun 3/25 at 5:30

Free Preview Screening! Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg In Person!
(2007) dir Edgar Wright w/Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Bailey, Tim Barlow, Steve Coogan [120 min]


Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright - the makers of Shaun of the Dead - are back together for a fabulously funny and fast-paced action-comedy. Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a top London cop who's so good that he makes his fellow officers look bad. Banished to a sleepy, seemingly crime-free village Angel soon finds himself up to his badge in bodies, though he has a hard time convincing his new colleagues that they're dealing with murder. The style of a Hollywood action-thriller is crossed with the sensibility of the team's enduringly popular TV series Spaced, creating a sharp, surprising and endlessly entertaining comedy. - notes from the ICA, London

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Mon 3/26 at 5:00, 7:30, 10:00

(1973) dir James William w/Guercio Robert Blake, Billy Green Bush, Mitch Ryan, Jeannine Riley [114 min]

"Ex-music producer and rock manager's James William Guercio's one and only directorial credit is a gem among cop films; one that both sits proudly in the idiosyncratic golden period of 70's cinema and marks a bittersweet counterpoint to Easy Rider. Diminutive Robert Blake's ‘Big John' Wintergreen is dwarfed by his colleagues and the surrounding Monument Valley; the quintessential small cop in the Big Country. His motorcycle traffic cop has lofty ambitions, but a promotion to Homicide and the chance to crack a mysterious murder isn't all it's cracked up to be. Beautifully shot by the late Conrad Hall, this is a funny, heartbreaking and sometimes brutal film. Its classic final shot is one to behold." - Edgar Wright

Tue 3/27 at 5:00, 7:30, 10:00

(1968) dir Peter Yates w/Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, Don Gordon, Robert Duvall [113 min]

The quintessential ‘cool cop' flick, BULLITT features McQueen at the height of his game as Frank Bullitt, a tough San Francisco cop who is handpicked to protect a witness. The witness winds up shot and Bullitt becomes determined to catch the people responsible - including a leak within the department! A true classic of cool.

Wed 3/28 at 8:00

Double Feature w/THE HIDDEN
(1981) dir Gary Sherman w/James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson, Robert Englund [92 min]

So often in horror films, the authorities are painted as helpless in the face of something that doesn't fit into their definition of reality and an outsider must save the day. In this rarely screened cult film, however, it's a small town sheriff must rise to the challenge when his Rhode Island hamlet is overrun by the walking dead. He teams up with the local mortician - thus forming one of the oddest of oddball duos - to uncover the source of the strange happenings.

Wed 3/28 at 10:00

Double Feature w/DEAD AND BURIED
(1987) dir Jack Sholder w/Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nori, Claudia Christian, Clarence Felder [96 min]

Another oddball duo, but this time, one half of the team (MacLachlan) is an FBI agent possessed by an alien sent to Earth to track down a psychotic, body-skipping entity. A police detective (Nouri) is assigned to aid the agent and together they follow the trail of death and destruction that the entity leaves behind. Beginning with a spectacular car chase, THE HIDDEN is a thrill ride from beginning to end.

Thu 3/29 at 5:00, 7:15, 9:30

(2002) dir Wai Keung Lau, Siu Fai Mak w/Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Anthony Wong Chow-Sang, Eric Tsang, Kelly Chen [101 min]

This remarkable thriller from Hong Kong was recently reconfigured into Martin Scorsese's Boston-set The Departed. Don't dismiss this film if you've already seen Scorsese's film though, the original is as sleek and well-acted as the American version with Andy Lau as the hunky mobster posing as a cop and Tony Leung as the brooding cop posing as a mobster. The set-pieces are thrilling and intricately put together as the two play out a doomed game of cat-and-mouse.

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