Ingmar Bergman’s Fifties

June 17, 18, 24, and 25, 2015

Ingmar Bergman's Fifties • Repertory SeriesThe legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman was extremely prolific in his prime and, in the mid-1950s, he had an unprecedented run of masterpieces over the course of a four year period. Beginning in 1953 with the international sensation SUMMER WITH MONIKA and culminating in the one-two punch of THE SEVENTH SEAL and WILD STRAWBERRIES in 1957, Bergman churned out amazing film after amazing film. In this brief series we also include the uncharacteristically ribald SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT.

Please note: Several changes were made to the lineup after our printed calendar went to press – see below for updated titles and showtimes.

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Summer with Monika

Smiles of a Summer Night

Canceled: Sawdust and Tinsel

Canceled: Smiles of a Summer Night

The Seventh Seal

Wild Strawberries