Prime Noir of the 1940s

75 Years of Film Noir, Part 4

Wednesday, March 9 – Thursday, March 17, 2016

To Have and Have NotSo far in our yearlong celebration of the 75th anniversary of film noir, we’ve explored proto-noirs and neo-noirs, as well as the work of some of the authors that defined the genre, and now we launch into the real meat of the canon. In this “Prime Noir of the 1940s” series we look at titles from the first decade of film noir – including some “greatest hits” like LAURA, KEY LARGO, and THE BLUE DAHLIA alongside lesser-known gems like ACT OF VIOLENCE and CRACK-UP. This series features some of the biggest stars of film noir – Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, Humphrey Bogart, Victor Mature, and more – as well as some of the greatest antagonists in the genre (particularly Dan Duryea in MINISTRY OF FEAR and Richard Widmark in KISS OF DEATH). It has all of the hallmarks of the genre: amnesia, flashbacks, mistaken-identity, murder, blackmail, double-cross, infidelity, fast-talking dames, inky shadows, and shadowy morals. So throw on your trench coat or your slinky cocktail dress, snap on a fedora, and head over to the Brattle for this mysterious and seductive cinematic cocktail.

Please Note: There were a couple of schedule changes after our print calendar went to press, with KISS OF DEATH and THEY LIVE BY NIGHT switching places, and the cancellation of FORCE OF EVIL—please see below for the updated lineup.

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The Reckless Moment

The Blue Dahlia

This Gun for Hire

They Live By Night

Ministry of Fear

The Big Clock

Key Largo

To Have and Have Not

Act of Violence


Kiss of Death

Thieves’ Highway

They Live By Night

Force of Evil (canceled)