Shane Black’s Christmas

Wednesday, December 21 – Friday, December 23, 2016

the-nice-guys-poster-1It’s no secret that we here at the Brattle are a little obsessed with alternative holiday films, we’ve presented many different editions of our “Alt-Xmas” series, but we’re not alone in this cinematic obsession. Writer/director Shane Black has set the majority of his intelligently-written action films during the Christmas season even though they are not expressly Christmas movies. For Black, the family-gatherings, multi-colored lights, and cheeseball decor all add up to a sort of emotional shorthand – stories set at this time of year are almost automatically more emotional, as so many people are experiencing self-reflection either because they are surrounded by family – or because they aren’t. In any case, we’re glad he’s got a schtick because it gives us an excuse to bring these films together – including this summer’s excellent comedic thriller THE NICE GUYS – all screening from 35mm film prints!

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Lethal Weapon

The Last Boy Scout

Iron Man 3

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Nice Guys

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang