(Some of) The Best of 2014

Friday, January 9 – Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another year of films has come and gone, so we pause to recognize some of the most special and striking. As usual, our survey of some of the best films of the year includes very few that you’ll see in the Oscar nominations. Sure, we’ll include THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, BOYHOOD and even THE LEGO MOVIE (on 35mm film no less!) but we also throw in the weird and wonderful ones that might get overlooked in even some of the most seasoned critic’s top tens. From Jim Jarmusch’s darkly romantic ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE to Catherine Breillat’s boldly autobiographical ABUSE OF WEAKNESS; from the jubilant WE ARE THE BEST to the brutal RAID 2; we cover a broad swath of what made it into the art houses in 2014 and throw in a few fun mainstream titles as well.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Only Lovers Left Alive

Under the Skin

The Grand Budapest Hotel

We Are the Best!

Canceled: Boyhood

The Overnighters

Dear White People

Listen Up Philip

The Babadook


The Dance of Reality

Jodorowsky’s Dune

The Congress


Norte, the End of History

The Raid 2: Berendal

The Lego Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy

Abuse of Weakness

Rocks in My Pockets

Love Is Strange

Land Ho!

Force Majeure