The Bard Unbound: Shakespeare on Screen

Friday, November 18 – Thursday, December 1, 2016

richard-iii-1955-posterAs part of the international “Shakespeare 400” celebration – marking 400 years since the great playwright’s death – the Brattle is presenting a two-part series of Shakespeare adaptations. The first part “Shakespeare Out of the Box” takes place at the newly re-opened Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library and consists of some of the more unusual adaptations from Kurosawa to The Lion King (click here for more information). In this, the second part of the series, we offer a wider ranging overview of the cinematic Shakespeare. On the big screen – unfettered from the finite space of the stage – the tragedies, histories, and comedies of the Bard can find new life (or resuscitate old ones). In this program, original-text portrayals from the likes of Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh sit comfortably next to films that bring in themes from multiple works (CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT, THEATRE OF BLOOD) and those that cast Shakespeare’s works through unique filters (THRONE OF BLOOD, PROSPERO’S BOOKS).

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Henry V (1989)

Henry V (1944)

Richard III (1955)

Chimes at Midnight

My Own Private Idaho

All Night Long

Joe MacBeth

The Princess of France


Romeo + Juliet

Richard III (1995)

Theatre of Blood

Hamlet 2000

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

Throne of Blood

Hamlet (Gamlet)

Prospero’s Books

The Tempest

Much Ado About Nothing

A Midsummer Night’s Dream