Who’s That Cutting My Film?

Repertory Series: A Year of Women in Cinema

Friday, January 26 – Thursday, February 1, 2018

For most of their history, the movies have been considered a collaborative art form with producers, directors, editors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and scores of other professions contributing to the overall success of a film. With the advent of the ‘auteur theory’ and the overwhelming credit given to the director of a film in the modern era, some of the importance of the team nature of filmmaking has been lost to the general public. And that’s too bad because, far too often, it’s the script or the shooting or, indeed, the editing of a film that endears it to an audience. On top of that, throughout the history of film, women have served as editors on some of the most prominent and influential films. Which begs the questions: “Whose film is it?”

In this brief series, we look at key titles by some beloved masters of ‘70s filmmaking – Scorsese, Spielberg, Penn, Bogdanovich, and others – whose films were elevated by the women who sat at the controls of the editing table. As you watch these films, many of them paeans to masculinity, think about how much the pacing and the rhythm of the film affect you – and think about who is responsible for that.

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Who’s That Knocking at My Door

The Sugarland Express

Bonnie and Clyde

Night Moves

The Hustler

Raging Bull


What’s Up Doc?

Paper Moon