The Brattle Film Podcast

The official podcast of Boston’s unofficial film school: The Brattle Theatre. Since 1953 the Brattle has been a home for film lovers to gather and share great cinema; showing an eclectic mix of classic, cutting-edge, foreign, cult, and art-house movies on 35mm film, digital projection, and now virtually.

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Podcast – Episode 36: The 2021 Oscar Nominations, Part 2

1:37:44 • After lamenting the loss of The ArcLight Cinema chain, Ned, Ivy, Alissa and Ian return to discussing the Oscars, the Brattle’s Oscar Party, the nominated shorts of 2020, and the nominated animation, documentary, and international features.

Podcast – Episode 35: The 2021 Oscar Nominations, Part 1

1:46:27 • Ned, Ivy, Alissa, and Ian discuss their individual histories and feelings about the Academy Awards, and dive deep into this year’s nominated films and performances.

Podcast – Episode 34: 20 Years of The Brattle Film Foundation

1:19:54 • We take a look back on the 20 years of our theatre’s history as a thriving non-profit institution, looking at the highs and lows, the films we premiered, and the decisions Ned and Ivy made when they took on running The Brattle. We also address a listener question about the “cinema as church” analogy made during Episode 32: Movies About Going to the Movies, and consider the difference between the way films depict movie-going vs TV-watching.

Podcast – Episode 33: New Virtual Cinema & a Conversation with Abby Sun

1:30:20 • We spend the first part of this week’s episode highlighting some titles currently playing or coming soon to The Brattlite. Then, Ned and Alissa interview The DocYard curator Abby Sun about a new, year-long virtual festival of 1990’s Asian American Film and Video called My Sight is Lined with Visions.

Podcast – Episode 32: Movies About Going to the Movies

1:30:09 • Inspired by Paul Anton Smith’s “Have You Seen My Movie,” a streaming exclusive currently running on The Brattlite, we’re joined by MIT professor Ezra Glenn to talk about our favorite movies about going to the movies and films that take place in cinemas.

Podcast – Episode 31: Best of 2020

1:55:43 • In our epic year-end episode, Ian, Ivy, Ned, and Alissa attempt to name check every film we each loved (or at least thought was worth checking out) from a year that was actually a pretty good year for movies. We hope listeners will not forget these titles, even if we all attempt to erase everything else about 2020.

Podcast – Episode 30: State of the Cinema

1:27:01 • We kick off Session 2 with special guest Russ Fischer of The Boxoffice Studios who joins to help us assess the state of the cinema industry at the beginning of 2021. And Ned and Ivy share exciting news about the state of our cinema, The Brattle Theatre.

Podcast – Episode 29: Films for the Holidays, Part 2

1:47:30 • We close out 2020 by casting a wide net for Holiday, Alt-Holiday, and Holiday Adjacent movie suggestions across a range of film genres. Then we close out the season with some favorite New Year’s Eve pictures.

Podcast – Episode 28: Films for the Holidays, Part 1

1:27:49 • Since we won’t be able to do our annual holiday tradition of screening It’s a Wonderful Life in December, we take a look at some terrific but lesser known holiday pictures.

Podcast – Episode 27: Virtual Cinema Nov / Dec

1:30:22 • We spotlight several of the films playing in our virtual cinema at the end of November / beginning of December. But first we talk Shark Movies after we get a detailed voicemail from a listener.

Podcast – Episode 26: More Horror Movie Memories

1:00:48 • Part 2 of our discussion about memorable encounters with iconic horror films with a whole lot more stories sent in by our listeners, fellow film programers, writers, and podcasters.

Podcast – Episode 25: Horror Movie Memories + More!

1:21:17 • For Halloween, we talk a bit about our upcoming Virtual Gothic Horror series and then invite listeners, members, film writers, fellow podcasters and cinema programmers to share stories of their first encounters with iconic horror movies.

Podcast – Episode 24: Quarantainment Faves and More

1:27:02 • This week we look at some recent films that take on enhanced significance when watched during a semi-quarantine. Also we explore just a few of the joys found in contemporary low-budget sci-fi pictures, and we discuss the issue of gatekeeping in genre movie production and reviewing.

Podcast – Episode 23: Virtual TIFF Wrap-Up

1:16:44 • In this special episode, Ned, Ivy, and Alissa bring us their report from the 2020 Virtual Toronto International Film Festival.

Podcast – Episode 22: Catchin’ Up with Classics

1:30:00 • We look back on “the summer of no movies” by talking about all the classic films we finally got around to seeing since we haven’t had any theatrical releases to go to. With endless streaming options available, and our definition of what constitutes a “classic film” ranging from CITIZEN KANE to SPEED, we each screened some great and fun features.