20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary, Part 2

Part 2: Saturday, December 25, 2010 – Thursday, January 6, 2011
Repertory Series

We begin the second wave of our series celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of Hollywood’s most well known studios with two extremely different but equally significant films in new 35mm prints. John Ford’s GRAPES OF WRATH is, simply put, one of the most affecting and resonant films ever made about the Great Depression with a spectacular, understated performance by Henry Fonda. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, on the other *ahem* hand, is a whimsical masterpiece from one of contemporary cinema’s most whimsical masters, Tim Burton. In another understated performance, Johnny Depp plays an orphaned Frankenstein’s monster with a gentle soul and a handsome face but one unfortunate flaw – hands crafted from huge scissor blades.

Continuing on from these two vantage points, we offer a broad spectrum of the movies output by Fox between 1935 and the present. With everything from a double feature of Shirley Temple’s HEIDI and the immortal THE SOUND OF MUSIC to the equally immortal but perhaps less classic PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE on New Year’s Eve, plus, one of our favorite films of the 80s, THE PRINCESS BRIDE! We’ve also got three don’t-miss double features: FIGHT CLUB with OFFICE SPACE, THE FRENCH CONNECTION with THE BOSTON STRANGLER, and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL with PLANET OF THE APES!

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