Amblin Adventures

Wednesday, June 1 – Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Announced! Join us for a preview screening of J.J. Abrams new film SUPER 8 on Wednesday, June 8th at 10:00 PM! See the SUPER 8 description for RSVP information!

E.T.: The Extra TerrestrialWith the impending release of SUPER 8, J.J. Abrams homage to 80s/90s teenage adventure films, we take a look back at where it all started with the films of director/producer Steven Spielberg and his legendary Amblin Entertainment production company. Though the company officially debuted with the 1981 John Belushi vehicle Continental Divide, the majority of the films that Amblin produced during its first five years are among the most exciting adventure films of the 1980s: E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, GREMLINS, THE GOONIES, BACK TO THE FUTURE and YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES. All had a remarkable effect on the generation of kids and teenagers that watched them – and no wonder; the heroes of these films are (despite their almost universal whiteness) realistic, relatable, relatively down-to-earth teens themselves. Even many of the Spielberg related films that pre-exist or are outside the Amblin ‘oeuvre’, like JAWS and POLTERGEIST, feature strong roles for teens and tweens even if they aren’t the center of the story. Of course, Amblin also counts many ‘grown-up’ films in the dozens that they’ve been behind – including The Color Purple, Empire of The Sun, Cape Fear, and Twister – but, for a certain generation, the iconic Amblin logo at the beginning of a film means you are in for a very fun ride and some quality entertainment.

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