Dead of Winter: Bloodsucking Freaks (2014)

Friday, January 24 – Thursday, January 30, 2014

With our annual “Dead of Winter” series, we’ve made it a regular practice to spend the bleakest time of the year with some of cinema’s most chilling subjects. This year we delve into the netherworld ruled over by the kings and queens of the night: the vampire! Eschewing the too-beautiful vampires of the Twilight series, we trace the cinematic history of the bloodsucking freak from its expressionistic early appearances in NOSFERATU and DRACULA through the crimson-drenched Hammer Horror films of the ‘50s to sexy-creepy-campy ‘70s freakouts (TWINS OF EVIL and DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS) and crowd-pleasing ‘80s cult classics (FRIGHT NIGHT and THE LOST BOYS). We culminate with two evenings featuring rare screenings of ‘90s indie-vamp classics NADJA and THE ADDICTION alongside the equally thoughtful LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and TROUBLE EVERY DAY.

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Fright Night

The Lost Boys

Fearless Vampire Killers

Horror of Dracula


Twins of Evil

Daughters of Darkness

Let The Right One In


Trouble Every Day

The Addiction