King of Cult: Sam Raimi

Since this is the 10th anniversary of the Brattle Film Foundation, and one of our signature events has been an annual Halloween screening of the cult favorite EVIL DEAD 2, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the man behind the mayhem, Sam Raimi. Undoubtedly, a “king of cult”, Raimi has created a distinctive style over the years – his appreciation for the Three Stooges really sets him apart. Of course there’s also the Raimi-cam – a dizzying dolly-shot – that is as distinctive as a fingerprint. And, just to be sure we’re paying attention, he even directed a serious drama about baseball (no, we’re not showing it)! We are showing his latest, DRAG ME TO HELL and his big-budget successes SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2. Plus two overlooked gems: the weirdo DARKMAN and American spaghetti western THE QUICK & THE DEAD. And, of course, EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN!