(Some of) The Best of 2010

As usual at the close of the year, we start thinking about all of the films that have come out and tally up our favorites. And, as usual, we’re overwhelmed by the embarrassment of riches that the film world has unleashed upon the planet in just a scant 12 months. 2010, it seems, was a particularly good year for all kinds of films, from big-budget (INCEPTION) to no-budget (MONSTERS), and from American indies (WINTER’S BONE) to foreign drama (I AM LOVE). Of course, here at the Brattle, we’re dedicated to playing films from all across the cinematic spectrum, and that’s just what you’ll get in this series! We’re even including two old films that saw a rediscovery in 2010: the über-trippy HOUSE and the brooding, gothic KURONEKO – both overlooked classics from Japan. The Brattle is honored that, for the fourth year in a row, we’ll be home to the Boston Society of Film Critics annual awards presentation (on January 30 w/special guest including ‘Marwencol’ director Jeff Malmberg!) as part of this series.