Belmont World Film’s 15th Annual Family Festival 2018

Monday, January 15

Where Stories Come Alive!

The Brattle welcomes Belmont World Film’s Family Festival to our cinema for the second year in a row! The 2018 Festival, “Where Stories Come Alive,” offers nearly four full days of some of the world’s best films for children and adults, as well as a live version of “Circle Round,” WBUR’s popular children’s podcast. Films are screened in English or their native language with subtitles, some of which will be read aloud via headphones, and many are being screened internationally or in North America for the first time. It might even be your only time to see them in New England. There are films about spies in the Netherlands, reindeer herding in Sweden, wild horses in Spain, brave boats in Norway, children overcoming disabilities in Colombia, and a benefit screening about brave and amazing child refugees from all over the world – not to mention a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a whole program of films based on books by Mo Willems!

Visit for their full line-up!

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hero Steps

Oskar’s America

Brave & Amazing Children